Frank McGarvey


The children seem to hang on every word.  What great fun to see their faces reflect their interest.


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Storytelling is the earliest Art.  From the beginning of man, stories were told.  Stories of the hunt.  Stories of the source of food.  How did you make that fire?  What did you  find on the other side of the mountain?

Today storytelling continues.  We tell stories of how the kids were growing.  We share our triumphs and our defeats.  We share our ideas, and our aspirations, as well as our tales and our lies, er, excuse me, our tall tales.

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name  Frank McGarvey
Telephone  (614) 268-0532 
Fees upon request

Frank has been storytelling professionally
since 1993mailto:frankmcgarvey@sbcglobal.netshapeimage_4_link_0